Landing Page "Cracked2"

Objective: Develop an engaging website for the "Cracked 2" loyalty promotion by Dixy retailer. The website aimed to provide information about the promotion, including prize details, participation rules, and winner announcements. It featured captivating animations, a themed cartoon series, an interactive list of promo heroes, and draw-related information.

Approach: Our team at Anilau crafted a dynamic landing page with the following key components:

  1. Promotion Details: The landing page showcased comprehensive information about the "Cracked 2" promotion, including a description of the prize draw, participation rules, and information about previous winners.
  2. Captivating Animations: Engaging and visually appealing animations were integrated throughout the page, enhancing user experience and capturing visitors' attention.
  3. Themed Cartoon Series: A dedicated block featured a series of themed cartoons related to the promotion, adding an element of entertainment and excitement.
  4. Interactive Promo Heroes List: An interactive list of promo heroes allowed users to explore and engage with the characters associated with the promotion, fostering a sense of connection and immersion.
  5. Registration and Photo Submission: To participate in the drawing, users were required to register on the website and submit a photo of their collected collection of promotional heroes.
  6. Administrative Section: The website included an administrative section that facilitated the moderation of submitted applications and enabled the determination of draw winners.

Results: The development of the "Cracked 2" promotion website yielded the following outcomes:

  • Increased Engagement: The visually captivating design, interactive elements, and themed cartoons enhanced user engagement and encouraged active participation in the promotion.
  • Streamlined Participation Process: The website's registration and photo submission system simplified the process for users to enter the drawing, promoting higher participation rates.
  • Efficient Administrative Management: The administrative section provided efficient moderation of applications and facilitated the seamless determination of draw winners.

Conclusion: Anilau successfully developed the "Cracked 2" loyalty promotion website, featuring an engaging landing page with captivating animations, a themed cartoon series, interactive promo heroes, and information about the draws. The website's user-friendly design and streamlined participation process resulted in increased user engagement, while the administrative section ensured efficient management of the promotion.

Tags: Dixy