Loyalty campaign website "Dixy Friends Club"


Objective: Develop a user-friendly website for "Dixy Friends Club," the loyalty program of Dixy retailer. The website aimed to provide information about the program, instructions for installing the mobile application, catalogs of participating goods, and a store locator map.

Approach: Our team at Anilau undertook the development of a comprehensive website, incorporating the following key elements:

  1. Loyalty Program Information: We provided detailed information about the Dixy Friends Club loyalty program, highlighting its benefits, features, and how customers can join.
  2. Mobile Application Instructions: Clear and concise instructions were provided on how to download and install the compact mobile application, eliminating the need for physical loyalty cards and offering a more convenient experience.
  3. Catalogs of Participating Goods: The website included catalogs of goods available within the promotion, allowing customers to explore and select their favorite categories to receive personalized discounts and recommendations.
  4. Store Locator Map: A user-friendly map was integrated to help customers easily locate nearby Dixy stores, facilitating their shopping experience.

Results: The development of the Dixy Friends Club website yielded the following outcomes:

  • Improved Program Awareness: The website effectively communicated the benefits and features of the loyalty program, attracting more customers to join and actively participate.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Clear instructions for installing the mobile application simplified the onboarding process, ensuring a seamless experience for users.
  • Increased Engagement: The inclusion of catalogs showcasing participating goods allowed customers to explore and personalize their shopping experience, resulting in higher engagement and increased customer loyalty.
  • Convenient Store Locator: The integrated store locator map empowered customers to easily locate nearby Dixy stores, encouraging more frequent visits and increased program utilization.

Conclusion: Anilau successfully developed the Dixy Friends Club website, providing customers with a user-friendly platform to learn about the loyalty program, access installation instructions for the mobile application, explore participating goods, and find nearby stores. This resulted in improved program awareness, enhanced user experience, increased engagement, and facilitated customer loyalty for Dixy retailer.

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Loyalty campaign website "Dixy Friends Club"

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