Website with games for the New Year's party "Horizons" 2024 for Tinkoff employees

Our team developed an exciting web project for one of the country's leading banks, Tinkoff. The task was to create an online platform that would allow the bank's employees not only to participate in New Year events, but also to have fun in the run-up to the holidays.

The project offers a unique opportunity for employees to take part in online activities and draw tickets to the main event of the year - Horizons. The entire concept is designed to create a positive and fun experience filled with holiday cheer.

The online activities include three exciting game types:

  1. Striving Horizon (a game with flappybird-type mechanics):
    1. Goal: Overcome obstacles and risks by demonstrating reaction speed.
    2. Mechanics: Hold the coin at the right height while avoiding collisions with obstacles.
  2. Vision Horizon:
    1. Goal: Focus on change, reacting quickly.
    2. Mechanics: Find differences in paired images of bank card designs.
  3. Thinking Horizon (text quest):
    1. Purpose: To think ahead and act wisely.
    2. Mechanics: Go through the virtual office with the secretary Oleg, solving riddles and answering questions.

For successful completion of tasks in the games, participants receive virtual TinCodes, which are analogues of lottery tickets. On 12 December, the names of the winners will be randomly determined and they will receive invitations to the main party of the year - Horizons